Cleaning as a Tool, not a Chore

Cleaning is often seen by many as a task to be done or a chore to be finished, something they have to do to keep the world moving. As such, many people want to push off cleaning to the last possible moment, groaning all the way through cleaning, and some even hire minneapolis cleaning services. But what if tasks like doing dishes, folding clothes, or doing a tidy actually helped out your brain?

Your mind wanders, that’s just now it works, and when the mind wanders about it often has some great ideas. That’s why you only get some of your best ideas in the shower or on your morning walk, and it’s because your body is doing something so routine, the rest of your brain has nothing left to do. Cleaning and doing other mundane tasks can free up your brain to think on different tasks.

When you do a routine enough times, it becomes a habit, and these brain exercises work the same way. You could probably do the entire routine of cleaning your home with your eyes closed, and so can your brain. So, when you tackle a chore, instead of focusing on the creases in the towel, focus on your next big idea.

Think about a problem you’ve been having, a question that needs answering or even talk to yourself about the events of the day. You’ll soon come to crave these quiet places and little talks with yourself, and you’ll find other areas of your life improving as a result. If you can tackle the big ideas when they need to be tackled, and devote as much brainpower to them as possible, then you’ll easily see the solutions you missed the first time around.

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See cleaning as a tool to improve your brain function, and you’ll do both tasks more effectivity.