Removing and Replacing a Mailbox

mailbox replacement

Anything can knock your perfect mailbox out of alignment, but no matter if the damage was caused by insects, the snowplow, or a careless driver, it will need to be replaced. First, if the first mailbox isn’t stuck in cement, then you can simply grab it and start wiggling until it pops out! If it does have a cement base, then you’ll need to get creative on how you end up removing it.

Most of the time the cement needs to be broken apart and moved, or you can just dig a new hole and install the box there. If you are installing a mailbox in a new location, look up your local regulation for the local post office to ensure you have the measurements right. Mailboxes are placed where they are on the road for a reason, typically to make sure the mail carrier doesn’t have to get out of his vehicle to deliver mail.

Then determine what your mailbox replacement post will be made out of, as every material choice has advantages and disadvantages. You can build them out of plastic, aluminum, or wood, just make sure they won’t rot or be damaged by the weather. Then dig the hole, using a post hole digger, and stick your mailbox in. You don’t want to use cement if you don’t want too, and you probably shouldn’t. Make future jobs easier on yourself. You might have to replace this mailbox too.

Add some gravel at the bottom of the hole, use a level to keep the post straight, and then you’re all good. Attach the actual box to the post top, and then your new replaced mailbox is complete! It might take a day of work, but at least it isn’t a day of missed out mail.